Civilized NativesCivilized Natives were founded by Glenn Vignolo in 1994 and are, 15 years later, a vital creative force and a Pensacola institution.  They are an award winning band with a nationally released CD, Closing In.  Released in spring of 2000, Closing In features track after track of hook laden songs featuring the vocal harmonies and instrumental performances that are a hallmark of Civilized Natives. In concert, these originals stand alongside cover material from the 50's to the 00's, done in the Natives inimitable fashion and selected especially for melodic and harmonic punch. The Civilized Natives consists of Glenn Vignolo (Vocals/12 and 6 String Acoustic and Electric Guitars/Keyboards/Bass/Mandolin), Therese Vignolo (Vocals/Percussion/Acoustic Guitar/Keyboards), Chris Holbrook (Vocals/Acoustic and Electric Guitar/Keyboards), Mike Antoine (Vocals/12 and 6 String Acoustic and Electric Guitars/Bass), Greg Fink (Vocals/Bass/Banjo/Keyboards), Mike Maddox (Drums/Vocals) and David Taveirne (Congas/Percussion/Vocals). For more information about the Natives visit, or you can find them on Facebook and become a fan at Civilized Natives Fan Club.

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